Sales and pricing

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Price your products

How to price products as an Alberta liquor manufacturer. Learn about invoice prices, wholesale prices, markups, fees, deposits and taxes.

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Label your products

Learn about Canadian labelling requirements that you must follow when preparing liquor products for sale.

Barcode your products

Learn about barcodes and how to get them for your products.

Register your products

All liquor products sold in Alberta must be registered with AGLC. Liquor manufacturers use the Liquor Agency Portal (LAP) to do this.

Distribute your products

How to distribute your liquor products in Alberta, including both within and outside Alberta.

Invoice and deliver

AGLC must receive payment from your customers before you can deliver your products. Learn how to properly invoice customers as an Alberta liquor manufacturer.

Get paid

Alberta liquor manufacturers get paid for their products from AGLC. Learn how payments work and what to expect.