Report sales to AGLC

Your weekly sales report tracks your sales and credit transactions. Send this information to AGLC electronically, using the Sales Transaction File you tested when setting up your business with AGLC systems.

When the report is reviewed and approved, you will receive payment for your sales.


  • You can submit your sales report at any time
  • You can submit multiple sales reports within a reporting period; for example, you could submit separate sales reports on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and be paid for all three the Friday of the following week
  • All of your sales reports that are approved by 3 p.m. on Thursday, will be paid on Friday of the following week
  • If you submit after the Thursday afternoon deadline but before the end of the week, you will be paid the Friday after that week's Friday, two weeks later; therefore, we suggest you submit your report earlier in the week so you have enough time to fix any errors
  • When you submit your report, AGLC's system compares it to information about registered products and licensees; if the information doesn't match, the system rejects the file and AGLC Finance staff will contact you as soon as possible to explain any errors and how to fix them

Prepare your Sales Transaction File

Create and submit sales reports using the same Sales Transaction File that you used when you first set up your business in the AGLC's systems, right after you got your licence.

To prepare the file, do the following for your version of Microsoft Excel™. You must have a PDF reader (like Adobe Acrobat™) to view these instructions.

Note: The final step in the Sales Transaction Instructions procedure is to click the "Submit to AGLC" button. Doing so does not send the file to AGLC. Instead, it generates a new file with an .aglc extension, which you send to AGLC.

Submit your Sales Transaction File

Once you generate your .aglc file, you must submit it to AGLC using AGLC's Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) service.

  1. Log in to the SFTP server.
  2. Use the "Send File" button to send an email to with your .aglc file as an attachment. For the Subject line, use the name of your sales file. The Sales Transaction File automatically creates a name for you, which will be eight characters long (like "XY170831.aglc").


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