Notice to Class E manufacturers

Class E manufacturers interested in producing hand sanitizer products can learn more by visiting:


Report sales to AGLC

Your weekly sales report tracks your sales and credit transactions. Send this information to AGLC electronically, using the Liquor Sales Application (LSA). To do so, you have two options available:

  1. Upload your sales file into LSA.
  2. Manually enter your sales within LSA.

When your sales submission has been validated, you will receive payment for your sales.


  • You can submit your sales using LSA at any time
  • You can submit multiple sales reports within a reporting period; for example, you could submit separate sales reports on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and be paid for all three the Friday of the following week
  • All of your sales reports that are successfully submitted and validated by 3 p.m. on Thursday, will be paid on Friday of the following week
  • If you submit after the Thursday afternoon deadline but before the end of the week, you will be paid the Friday after that week's Friday, two weeks later; therefore, we suggest you submit your sales earlier in the week so you have enough time to fix any errors
  • When you enter your sales into LSA, AGLC's system compares it to information about registered products and licensees; if the information doesn't match, LSA will inform you of the errors that need to be fixed, before your submission is accepted.


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