Register your products

As a liquor manufacturer, you will use the Liquor Agency Portal (LAP) to register your products with AGLC.

Note: You cannot sell a product until it is registered in LAP and the status marked as "Completed."

What needs to be registered?

Every product you sell needs to be registered. Doing so gives each product a unique 6-digit product code so that buyers know what they're ordering. It also ensures that your inventory reports are accurate.

Sometimes a single product requires separate registrations (in other words, separate product codes). This includes:

  • the same product in different packaging, such as a product you sell in both cans and bottles
  • the same product sold from different locations, such as a product you sell from both your manufacturing facility and through Connect Logistics

How to register products in LAP

  1. Sign in to LAP
  2. Choose the New Product Registration tab
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields
  4. Click the "Submit" button
  5. You will get an email that confirms that AGLC has received your registration request; it will also include your 6-digit product code
  6. Once AGLC has reviewed your registration, your product registration status in LAP changes from "Pending" to "Completed"; if there are any issues with the registration, AGLC will contact you

Note: Some products are too complex to register directly in LAP. For example, mixed product packs, gift packs and on-packs contain different types of items and cannot be registered in LAP. To register these products, download the New Product Registration form in LAP and email the completed form to

Changing product prices

You also use LAP to change your products' prices. Under the Pricing tab, you can change the price directly with the "On-Line Pricing" option or download a spreadsheet.

Tip: If you use the spreadsheet, make sure you include an invoice price as well as all the other fields.

You can change product prices up to once a week. Changes submitted by 4 p.m. on Wednesday will be in effect on Friday of the following week.  Refer to the price change schedule in LAP under the pricing tab.

Once you receive confirmation that the price is changed, check that it's accurate. If you find a mistake, contact the AGLC immediately at or 780‐447‐8675.

Products in Connect

If you use Connect Logistics, some product prices can be updated more quickly.

  • If your product still has “New Listing” status in Connect Logistics, you can change the price any time until the first shipment; price changes in LAP are sent to Connect Logistics at the end of the day and the new price will take effect the next day
  • Once the first shipment is received into Connect Logistics, the product status is updated to “Active”; for active products, price changes must adhere to the price change schedule (schedule is available in LAP under the pricing tab)

Other help in LAP

LAP has other features you might find helpful:

  • information and how-to documents
  • form letters
  • reports about your products and their pricing
  • new and Important Notices


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