Important news on registering alcohol containers

As of February 22, 2024, AGLC will no longer register alcohol containers with the BCMB on behalf of the liquor agencies. We are currently experiencing system issues that may potentially delay the alcohol container registration process. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are actively working to resolve the issue. Learn More

Collaboration manufacturing

Class E Alberta liquor manufacturers can participate in collaboration manufacturing. This is when two or more manufacturers work together to create a product at a single manufacturing facility.

If you want to participate in collaboration manufacturing, there are a few things to know.

  • All participants must be Class E licensees
  • The manufacturing facility must be licensed and operated by one of the collaborators; this person is called the "host manufacturer"
  • The host manufacturer (or someone they name as their representative) must always be present when making the product
  • All collaborators must report the total product volume of the collaboration to AGLC in their Annual Worldwide Production (AWP) form
  • The manufacturers make their own arrangement about the amount of the product that each collaborator will get
  • Each collaborator that will sell the product must register and sell their own share
  • Each collaborator must keep any relevant records of the collaboration on-site and available for inspection for two years; this includes details like what you made, how much and how it was divided between collaborators


Each manufacturer registers their share of the product separately in LAP.

All collaborators will agree on a product name. The product name must be the same for every collaborator. See the Label your products page for rules about naming.

In the product description, each manufacturer includes their own company name in brackets after the product name. For example, ABC Brewery and XYZ Brewery collaborate on a product called Joe's Special Lager and both manufacturers plan to sell the product. In the description field:

  • ABC Brewery enters "Joe's Special Lager (ABC Brewery)"
  • XYZ Brewery enters "Joe's Special Lager (XYZ Brewery)"


All AGLC labeling rules apply to collaborative products. For the identity (contact) information, manufacturers can choose to include one or both of the manufacturers. For more details, see Label your products.


If you have a Class D licence, you can sell your collaborative products at your licensed premises with no limitations.

If you have a Class A licence, you can sell your collaborative products at your licensed premises. However, you cannot sell more than four collaborative products that were manufactured at different Class E facilities at any one time.


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