AGLC system setup

You've just been licensed. Now what?

You can start production as soon as you're licensed. But before you can sell your products, you must set up your business with AGLC systems.

Note: You cannot start AGLC systems setup until you receive your licence.

You must do the following:

  1. add your business to the Liquor Agency Portal (LAP)
  2. register at least one product in LAP
  3. complete your banking forms
  4. submit a sample invoice to confirm your setup is correct
  5. set up your Sales Transaction File

You cannot start selling your products until all of these steps are completed. Your AGLC contact will let you know when you have completed the requirements and can start selling.

This process usually takes about four weeks. To check your AGLC setup status online, go to Check your AGLC setup status.

Add your business to the Liquor Agency Portal

The Liquor Agency Portal (LAP) is used to register new products and change product prices.

For your initial setup in LAP, you need to:

  1. get a username and password from AGLC
  2. register as a new supplier
  3. register your first product

Get a username and password

  1. complete the Liquor Agency Portal Delegated Admin Request form
  2. submit the form to; your username and password with be sent within two business days
  3. sign in to LAP and change your password

Register as a new supplier

As a Class E Manufacturer, you are both a “Supplier” and an “Agency” in LAP. Within LAP, letters much be attached that:

  • register you as a supplier
  • confirm your agency setup
  • indicate who should be paid


  1. sign in to LAP
  2. under the Forms tab, download the "Letter of Authorization" and the "Letter of Understanding"
  3. edit the letters as needed and save them onto your computer; since you are both the Supplier and the Agency, you will complete both of these letters as yourself
  4. in LAP, choose the New Product Registration tab
  5. under the Supplier tab, choose "Add New Supplier"
  6. attach both letters where indicated

Note: You can start registering products as soon as you attach these letters. However, your product registrations will be "pending" until AGLC staff reviews and approves the letters.


Contact Andrea Kicia


Register your first product

After you register as a supplier in LAP, begin adding your products. You must register at least one product right away as you'll use this product when submitting the sample invoice to complete AGLC systems setup.

Steps to complete

  1. sign in to LAP
  2. choose the New Product Registration tab and complete the required information
  3. complete the remaining tabs

Note: Adding the rest of your products can take several weeks, while banks can take up to two weeks to approve your banking forms. It is recommended to fill out banking forms and send them out for approval before adding the rest of your products, 


Contact Andrea Kicia


Complete your banking forms

As a manufacturer, you will regularly do the following:

  • make deposits to AGLC for your sales
  • receive payments from AGLC for your products

You must make arrangements between your and AGLC's bank to allow these transfers.

Tip: Banking forms can take up to two weeks to be approved, it's recommended you submit them as early as possible.

Deposit Outlet form

Other licensees (such as bars, liquor stores or restaurants) might pay for your products with a cheque or bank draft made out to AGLC. When this happens, deposit those funds in AGLC's BMO bank account. The Deposit Outlet form gives instructions to BMO for your future deposits into AGLC’s bank account.

You do not have to have an account with BMO, but you choose a BMO location that is most convenient for you.

  1. the Deposit Outlet form will be emailed to you by AGLC
  2. complete the highlighted fields
  3. scan the completed form
  4. email the scanned copy to

AGLC submits the form to BMO on your behalf. 

AGLC will contact you when BMO has processed your form which typically takes 5-10 business days.

Online payment form

If you have a Class A or Class D licence for selling your products directly to consumers, you must purchase your own product from your Class E licence, to sell at your premises.

To do this, you must set yourself up to pay online with one of AGLC’s participating banks.

  1. download and complete the online payment form for your bank
  2. email the completed form to

Electronic Funds Transfer Request form

After you submit a sales report, you will receive payment from AGLC. To receive payment, you must set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with AGLC.

  1. AGLC will email you the Electronic Funds Transfer form
  2. email a scanned copy and a void cheque (or a bank letter for direct deposit) to


For questions about the Deposit Outlet form or setting up online payments with your bank, contact Lorie Bannick


For questions about the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Request form, contact Accounts Payable

Submit a sample invoice

To finish AGLC systems setup, submit a sample invoice. Doing so confirms that the sales information you provided is correct, complete and is compliant with AGLC's systems.

AGLC uses invoices to track customer orders throughout the sales process:

  • As a liquor manufacturer, you will issue invoices to AGLC licensees for the wholesale price of your product
  • Licensees who buy your product will use this invoice to pay AGLC
  • AGLC will then pay you the invoice price (not the wholesale price) after you submit your sales report; for more details on how pricing works, see Price your products

AGLC has a Sample Invoice template you can use or you can also use your own invoices, as long as they ask for the same information. For details, see Invoice and deliver.

Tip: You typically won't submit invoices for actual sales (unless AGLC requests them). Instead, you'll submit sales reports.

Steps to complete

  1. download and complete the Sample Invoice template; for help filling out the fields, see the Instructions tab of the Sample Invoice
  2. email your completed Sample Invoice to


  • use a registered product to complete the invoice
  • use the wholesale price (not the invoice price)
  • use the correct recycling and deposit rates for your product

Note: If your product is a keg and is registered with no deposit, change the recycling and deposit amounts in the "Rate" column to zero. Do not change the formula amount in the left column, which affects the GST calculations.


Contact Liquor Services:


Set up your Sales Transaction File

Submit sales and credit transactions to AGLC through a secure server using the Sales Transaction File. Test and confirm the process works before you begin selling your products.

Your Sales Transaction File will be emailed to you within seven business days after receiving your licence. Finalize your Sales Transaction File with AGLC as follows:

  1. prepare a sample Sales Transaction File
  2. submit your sample Sales Transaction File
  3. submit your approved Sample Invoice


  • a minimum of Microsoft Excel 2007 is required to use the Sales Transaction File
  • the Sales Transaction File is not compatible with Mac computers

Prepare your sample Sales Transaction File

When preparing your sample Sales Transaction File, use the same information used in your sample invoice.

To prepare the file, do the following for your version of Microsoft Excel™. A PDF reader (like Adobe Acrobat™) is required to view these instructions.

Note: The final step in the Sales Transaction Instructions procedure is to click the "Submit to AGLC" button. A new file is generated with an .aglc extension, which must be sent to AGLC.

Submit your sample Sales Transaction File

After you generate your sample .aglc, submit it to AGLC using AGLC's Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server.

  1. Log in to the SFTP server.
    • your User ID is your email address
    • to set up your password, choose “Forgot Password"; you will receive an email with a link to create a new password
  2. Click the "Send File" button to send an email to with the sample .aglc file as an attachment
    • enter the name of the newly-created sales file in the subject line; the Sales Transaction File automatically creates a name, which will be eight characters long (like "XY170831.aglc")

Submit your approved Sample Invoice

During the systems setup process, email the approved Sample Invoice to AGLC uses this sample invoice to confirm that information from the SFTP process is accurate.

Tip: For actual sales, this step is not required. The sales report is complete when you submit the file through the SFTP server.


For questions about preparing the Sales Transaction File, contact Liquor Services:



For questions about submitting your Sales Transaction File through SFTP, contact: